Any brave dive computer download testers out there?

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Thu Apr 19 09:27:45 PDT 2018

On 19/04/2018 18:03, Hartley Horwitz wrote:
> I plead ignorance.  I didn't realize that CCR use IrDA.
> My point was that I'd be happy to forgo some of the new wiz-bang 
> features and just have a stable 'old' version of Subsurface if that 
> allows the developers the freedom to move quicker on developing newer 
> features.  Many of those new features are targeting Tech divers and so 
> supporting IrDA makes sense.
> As for my own kit, I use a regulator from the 1980's and my dive 
> computer is from 2006, so I've never been accused of using the latest 
> gear.
> ...Hartley
No problem at all. IrDA is old-fashioned, but not obsolete. It is freely 
available on the market and until last year, was the technology of 
Uwatec's leading dive computer (the Sol). Technology, by its very 
nature, changes all the time and requires users to adapt all the time. I 
am probably pretty old-fashioned, but I am resistant to tecnology for 
new technology's sake. From what I have heard and seen, I am not 
convinced that BTLE provides any advantage above IrDA (both of these 
rather non-standardised and idiosyncratic) in terms of ease of use and 
efficiency. To see the bad side of IrDA, just go and look what Mares 
have gone and done with it. The fact that Apple decided to go BTLE 
should not be a market driving force - maybe Apple did not reach a good 
decision, or maybe they chose it as a mechanism to lock users into the 
Apple-specific implementation in order to buy more of Apple.
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