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Sat Apr 21 01:30:23 PDT 2018


My name is Jan Iversen shortened to jani), I have been a programmer since 1977 and participated in many open source projects. I am currently working on iOS version of LibreOffice and I am member in Apache (ASF). Yes I am one of those guys who used to write drivers in asm/C etc for Unix, before Linux came around :-)

I have 2 great passions programming (NOT Java!!!! but C++ etc) and diving (PADI Rescue, hopefully soon finishing my DM), so when I saw this open source project I immediately got interested, and have installed it on my Mac, iPhone and iPad. Right now I am trying to understand why the iCloud sync does not work.

I will build the software later this weekend, and can offer to help test the iOS and Mac versions. I already found something strange in the iOS version. It shows the date as “4/20/18 8:31 PM” even though my iPad setting say it should be “20/4/18 20:31” and I have not had success in changing the date (I want to add at least some of my old dives manually, to test).

Once I get the iOS and Mac version build I will start testing.

Let me know if there are open iOS / Mac issues I can dive into. I prefer to do some real work, while I try to understand the source.

Forget to mention, I am danish, have lived most of my life travelling the world with my R&D companies and now I live a nice silent life in Granada, spain.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Jan I.

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