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Sat Apr 21 05:25:37 PDT 2018

hmm, I patched the measurement system (units), not date format.

Date format would be determined by "iPhone language" and seems to work

If I use "English" or "English US" I get MM/dd/yyyy.
Using "English UK", "Español" or "Português Brazil" I get dd/MM/yyyy as

Time format should follow the 24h setting, but looks like it is just
following the default for the language. So this is wrong.

What are you using as "iPhone language"?

Murillo Bernardes

On Sat, Apr 21, 2018 at 8:24 AM, <jani at> wrote:

> > On 21 Apr 2018, at 13:13, Murillo Bernardes <mfbernardes at>
> wrote:
> >
> > Regarding iOS date format. What do you have set as region on your
> iphone/ipad?
> region is Spain, with family sharing
> I have set in general/Date & Time:
> 24-hour time ON
> Set Automatically ON
> Time Zone Madrid
> > I fixed this very problem for me sometime ago, but maybe I missed
> something.
> Maybe the problem is, that I am using 2.01 and you solved if after the
> release cut, will try with my own build once I get it done.
> rgds
> Jan I.
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