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Sat Apr 21 07:22:30 PDT 2018

> Did you drop the mailing list on purpose? We don't have a Reply-To set up, so you need to reply-all)

My mistake sorry, I guess I am used to having Reply-To added automatically.

> We'll see. Internet is brutally slow and choppy on my flight - kinda hard to interact with GitHub from here.
> In my experience people tend to have a few problems when they get started. Subsurface is a fairly complex environment to wrap your mind around. And Linus and I have some rather strong feelings on some issues and those are reflected in the way we do things... but it should be too bad :-)

All beginnings are tough, but Subsurface is not near as big or complex as LibreOffice (Earlier Open Office), but I will manage.

“Strong feelings” are not a problem as long as it is not the same as “stubborn”, “strong feelings” can be adjusted by rational arguments. And btw. I like that there are “strong feelings” in some areas, like code style, it makes it a lot easier to maintain across multiple people.

> Which San Jose is that? I fly to San Jose, California, typically twice a month for work... I just left Barcelona and am on my way to Portland, Oregon, where I live

It is San Jose in Almeria Spain (400km from Barcelona).

I closed the first pull-request, and are preparing another, which hopefully is a lot better.

Jan I.

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