Many issues.

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Apr 22 07:21:52 PDT 2018

> On Apr 22, 2018, at 2:28 AM, jani at wrote:
> Sorry for adding a bunch of issues, but I have been testing while compiling, and found a number of issues (at least on the Mac version).

Don't apologize for filing bugs. That's how we find out that apparently you cannot enter manual dives with durations between 50-59 minutes. Who knew...
As you've seen, on some things the difference between an "issue" and "works as designed" may be in the eye of the beholder :-)

> Once I get settled in, I have the intention of solving some of the issues. It is interesting, some things that does not work on my Mac, works on iOS and visa versa, so I have found myself having subsurface open on my iPad and my Mac.

There is a lot of shared code in the backend (and that should behave reasonably consistently), but the UI is mostly different and I am unsurprised that there are differences. Some of those might be intentional, the majority is likely simply a bug or an oversight.

> Having played quite a bit with the 4.7.8 version, I see features lacking (at least for how I would like to use the software), but before adding a feature request, I would like to hear the opinion of others.
> We have “Country” and “Location”, but not a possibility to remember the club. I frequently dive in the same location with 3 different clubs/shops and I would like to be able to see the differences e.g. in quality. It is of course to violate “Dive master” to e.g. “iSub/Antonio”, but would it not be nice to have this info as a separate field ?

Dive locations are a major problem, because so many people have so many completely different ideas what they want to store there. Some people would love a nine level taxonomy starting with the galaxy, down to the name of the dive club and boat. Others want to just put a name there. And any combination in between. Our solution is half baked, and only so on Subsurface, all these data aren't accessible on mobile. If you click on the little globe to the right of the Location entry on the desktop, it will allow you to Enter the Name, Country, Description, etc. And you have that Notes field that allows you to go completely crazy. That's where you could add the shop.

> The dive list is a wonderful thing, but it would be nice to have all fields selectable (e.g. Dive master is not in the select list) and have sub-groupings. E.g. I sort by “Dive Master”, should group when there is a break and add a short summary line. That would enable us to look at how different Dive masters perform ?

I'll admit that you are the first user that ever asked for the name of the dive master in the dive list. That shows again how individual people have very different expectation from a dive log. I cannot imagine why I would want to sort my dives by dive master... but that's what's fun about humans - they all have different interests and ideas. I'm not opposed to adding this column (I guess the next person will add for the Buddies column as well). I'm not sure how that grouping would work, but I look forward to seeing the code. Given the widget set that we use, there are potentially some limitations there.

> And yes I know how this works, “If you have itch, scratch it”, but I wanted to hear opinions first.

You'll see that there are a few of us who tend to be happy to share their opinions :-)


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