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>> Hi
>> Sorry for adding a bunch of issues, but I have been testing while compiling, and found a number of issues (at least on the Mac version). Once I get settled in, I have the intention of solving some of the issues. It is interesting, some things that does not work on my Mac, works on iOS and visa versa, so I have found myself having subsurface open on my iPad and my Mac.
>> Having played quite a bit with the 4.7.8 version, I see features lacking (at least for how I would like to use the software), but before adding a feature request, I would like to hear the opinion of others.
>> We have “Country” and “Location”, but not a possibility to remember the club. I frequently dive in the same location with 3 different clubs/shops and I would like to be able to see the differences e.g. in quality. It is of course to violate “Dive master” to e.g. “iSub/Antonio”, but would it not be nice to have this info as a separate field ?
>> The dive list is a wonderful thing, but it would be nice to have all fields selectable (e.g. Dive master is not in the select list) and have sub-groupings. E.g. I sort by “Dive Master”, should group when there is a break and add a short summary line. That would enable us to look at how different Dive masters perform ?
>> And yes I know how this works, “If you have itch, scratch it”, but I wanted to hear opinions first.
>> rgds
>> Jan I
> The filter tool is incredibly useful. One can filter your favourite divemaster by selecting the right name in the persons list in the filter. On the other hand, the tags are also very useful. Create a tag for your dive club and you could filter all the dives for that dive club from the dive list. Not quite as sophisticated as having all the info in the dive list, but a superb tool to select specific dives from the dive list. For my needs this is quite adequate.
> Kind regards,
> willem

Thanks for telling me about the filter tool, it is really powerful and it really does what I wanted.

In other words, forget about me idea to enhance the dive list, it is already enhanced !

Jan I.
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