Any brave dive computer download testers out there?

Robert Helling helling at
Mon Apr 23 18:45:59 PDT 2018


not that  really followed this and have anything significant to say about dive computer download but…

> On 23. Apr 2018, at 20:57, Linus Torvalds <torvalds at> wrote:
> It's dangerous because the rule is "once we've downloaded the dives on
> one machine, we don't want to download them again".
> You can see the breakage by:

and you know the obvious solution: store a random base64 encoded string (containing what libdc thinks is the „serial number“ and the „fingerprint“) with the dive computer field for a dive. Even if that is and additional 100 bytes it will not significantly bloat our files. And if you don’t want this information in the dive, store your hash table of latest dives in the log, as it is specific to the log and not the machine. I have great respect for your opinion on aesthetic views but here it seems to stop us from doing the right thing.

Of course it would be great if libdc provided the information for which dive computers this is worthwhile doing (where it prevents downloading the whole log).

Just my $.02

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