Cleaned up and rebased "libdivecomputer-NG" branch

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Fri Apr 27 14:03:43 PDT 2018

> On Apr 27, 2018, at 1:48 PM, Lubomir I. Ivanov <neolit123 at> wrote:
>> I switched to a newer Qt version - it would be strange for them to disable
>> something as critical as this, but definitely worth investigating further.

It seems that I DIDN’T switch to a newer Qt after all. Strange. Something is mixed
up in my build script it seems.

> i don't see any changes here that disable debugging output:
> (same goes for 5.10.1 and the 5.11 branches)
> .
> the log entry "Service discovery initiated" can be seen and it's
> visibility is controlled by the same logging rules as those for
> reading and writing of characteristics and descriptors.
>> Service "fe25c237-0ece-443c-b0aa-e02033e7029d" discovered (start: 9 end: 9 ) QLowEnergyServicePrivate(0xc5271c00)
> ^ so a non-standard service is found here.
>> .. done discovering services
>> .. discovering details
>> .. enabling notifications
> at this point given this isn't a HW DC (Shearwater instead?) it should
> list the descriptors for this service's last characteristic if the
> service has characteristics.
> i think the list of characteristics is empty.

It doesn’t seem impossible, given all the issues with their BT/BLE stack

> i guess this can be confirmed by this slot which should trigger when
> we start the service details discovery:
> does the same service UUID have characteristics on iOS?
> if yes, i think this might be a bug in qt-ble-android.
> btw, what Qt version is this for Android?

We are still on 5.9.3.
I need to figure out why 5.10.1 didn’t build as intended


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