libdc, libzip, Mac and Android updates

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sun Aug 5 16:01:52 PDT 2018

I managed to break^Wfix a few things this weekend.

a) tiny change to libdivecomputer (Linus, this was so trivial that I simply pushed it to our branch... Jef, I /think/ you want this as well) to recognize the Aqualung i750TC as Bluetooth capable divecomputer. I don't know, yet, if it needs any additional code to actually work - I created an Android APK for the one user who appears to have this dive computer to try a download under Android

b) this brings me to the second thing I figured out: building a working APK against Qt 5.11.1. You may remember that I had problems with androiddeployqt not managing to package our APK because a dependency for one of the Qt plugins was unmet. After lots of googling I pieced together enough information to realize that the problem is in qt-android-cmake. I sent a PR to that project and in the meantime switched Subsurface to use my fork of this that actually tells androiddeployqt to scan the QML modules as well for dependencies. Thiago, I thought you might be interested in that part.

c) in the process I got angry at libzip and the consequences of the build fix for Mac that I did yesterday which in turn broke the Android builds on Travis. I think that's sorted and as a side effect we now can use the latest libzip again on Android (with some ugly hacks)

What's still not working is the iOS build and I'm not sure why...


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