Problems with gases on Shearwater

Long, Martin martin at
Wed Dec 5 08:17:38 PST 2018


I've noticed some problems with the import of gases on Shearwater
computers. There are possible 2 issues here, but these seem to be related.

1) I just imported 4 dives from last weekend, all CCR. The first 3 were on
13/60 diluent and the last one on 15/57. However, it put all of the divers
in as 15/57, which seems to just be the last diluent set. The Shearwater
cloud software does identify the correct gas used at the start of the dive.

2) I'm using two transmitters on a Perdix AI. Transmitter 1 is on my
diluent, and transmitter 2 on my oxygen. On import it seems to correctly
associate my transmitter one with the diluent (apart from the error in 1
above). Now, providing I don't do any gas switches (e.g. a bailout) then
transmitter 2 I can simply set up as 100% O2. However, if I do a gas
switch, the software automatically assigns this gas switch to cyl 2, and so
it becomes associated with the transmitter data.

I now have 2 choices... Either I can enter a new gas of 100% and manually
type the start and end pressure - however I cannot remote it from cyl 2.
Or, I can set cyl 2 as 100%, and add a new one for my baiout gas. However
this then means the cylinder swtich then points at the wrong gas, and will
say I switched to 100% on my bailout!

I don't have a solution to this. As the import process has no manual
intervention, it would be tricky to have a solution which works. My
suggestion would be to treat transmitters and gas swtiches as completely
separate cylinders, and then allow the user to "merge" them later. The
current assumption that transmitter 1 will be the first gas, and
transmitter 2 will be the next one is incorrect.

By the way, the ability to merge the 2 profiles from my Petrel controller,
and Perdix backup (with AI) is excellent! and works really well.



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