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>> Divemate has an IR mobile phone dongle that works for at least the 
>> Uwatec range of computers that are IrDA. I have no idea whether that 
>> is a full implementation of the IrDA stack or whether it is just a 
>> hack. It would be very useful to know what their approach was in 
>> designing this.
> experience with respect to DiveMate shows in particular that they are 
> not willing to share technical information. They happen to be a Munich 
> based company and I had lunch  with them a while ago. There they 
> expressed that since they want to sell their software (besides their 
> hardware) they are not sharing anything to make Subsurface compatible 
> with their hardware.
> Best
> Robert
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Not even if one bought a FusionIR product from them and tried to get 
that to work with Subsurface-Mobile? We would then promote use of their 
FusionIR product. The price of the Fusion is equivalent (and as 
exorbitant) as is the official IR dongles from divecomputer 
manufacturers. But there is real longer term promise here given that 
IrDA support is rapidly disappearing from OS kernels.

I am not yet convinced that Android is (or maybe yet) the ideal platform 
for peripheral compatibility development (let alone iOS). In 10 years 
time maybe that part of the OS will be more mature. But alas we live in 
a real world where present-day solutions are required.

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