New filter tool for Subsurface desktop.

Jan Mulder jlmulder at
Mon Dec 31 02:02:33 PST 2018


On 31-12-2018 09:58, Willem Ferguson wrote:
> With the latest release of Subsurface-desktop, the new filter tool has 
> been implemented. Attached a screenshot of the filter on my Ubuntu 
> 18.04. It appears a major improvement on the old design. However I have 
> two issues:
> 1) The screen layout wastes a huge amount of space in the top half of 
> the screen layout and does not appear neat at all. I would have expected 
> the vertical layout to be much closer.
> 2) I cannot find a buttonĀ  to show only the dives that has been 
> specified in the filter. I can specify dates or tags to be filtered but 
> I cannot find a way to trigger the filtering action. Is there a vertical 
> scroll bar missing to see something off-screen?
> This will require quite a few changes to images in the user manual, but 
> I will do that after I feel the filter layout and action have been 
> finalised. ok?

See these 2 GitHub pull requests (both closed) for more discussion on 
the new filter widget.

A very short summary: filtering in current master is not usable, and 
Tomaz promised to do a round of fixing (and as we all know, he is very 


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