Shearwater upload problems

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Mon Feb 5 09:49:40 PST 2018


Since you are building from source, can you see if Jef's analysis is correct and it is the simplification that I had implemented in libdivecomputer that causes the problem?

cd ~/src/subsurface/libdivecomputer
git revert 8ea8ceb
cd build
make && make install
cd ../../build

and then try that freshly built Subsurface to see if that fixes the problem?



> On Feb 5, 2018, at 5:44 AM, Jef Driesen <jef at> wrote:
> On 2018-02-05 14:00, Anton Lundin wrote:
>> On 05 February, 2018 - Willem Ferguson wrote:
>>> This weekend I used a Shearwater predator dive computer. Connecting
>>> via Bluetooth no problem, had to force it to classical bt as it
>>> defaulted to LE. However, downloading the dive to Subsurface
>>> provides two problems:
>>> 1) The duration for each dive is exactly half of what it was in real
>>> life. So there is a problem with setting up the correct time
>>> increments for successive samples.
>> This might be due to the parser by some reason parsing it as petrel
>> data. The petrel sample size is twice the sample size of the predator.
>> Are you sure you did pick "predator" ?
> The predator doesn't support the newer petrel protocol. So I assume Willem did indeed select "Predator", otherwise the download would have failed.
> But you are pointing in the right direction. The subsurface branch introduced a bug with commit 8ea8cebb4e6c3d86b9ceb2291caa077dabd2a3f7. There, the "petrel" parameter was removed and replaced with the model number. But the purpose of that parameter is to indicate whether the data came from the petrel or the predator backend. And because the model number appears to be stored incorrect in Willem's data (zero instead of 2), the data gets indeed parsed using the petrel format.
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