Shearwater upload problems

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Tue Feb 6 22:48:48 PST 2018

On 05/02/2018 17:16, Jef Driesen wrote:
> The dive header contains the number of sensors, and for each sensor a 
> bit to indicate whether it was calibrated, and the calibration value. 
> But your data only contains the number of sensors (1). *Both the 
> calibrated bit and the calibration value are zero. That's not what I 
> expected to see*.
> I meant the data that came from the dive computer, and not some info 
> that is calculated by subsurface. The fact that some of your data 
> looks wrong, made me wonder whether there is some sort of data 
> corruption. Hence my question whether some other data (depth, 
> temperature, etc) looks wrong or not. If other data is clearly wrong 
> too, then data corruption might indeed be the cause.
> Do you happen to have memory dumps downloaded in the past?
> Jef
I will be using Shearwater again within the next week and cross-check. I 
will also be diving the same Predator with a single sensor two weeks 
from now. One thing that may be relevant is that the Shearwater has two 
different calibration modes, one for 3 connected sensors (usually eCCR) 
and another calibration mode for a single sensor. Perhaps the way the 
information in memory differs between these two modes?? Is there 
anything specific that I should look out for or do during the next 2 weeks??

Kibd regards,


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