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Jef Driesen jef at
Fri Jan 19 06:00:10 PST 2018

On 19-01-18 14:14, Robert Helling wrote:
> Dirk,
>> On 19. Jan 2018, at 08:52, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at 
>> <mailto:dirk at>> wrote:
>> Here's a quick heads up: I am planning to shut down some of the services that I
>> provide on my hardware (and that aren't really used anymore). In the next few days
>> (well, when we are ready to do this, I guess), I will shut down the git and 
>> trac server
>> under <>domain. The 
>> main git server has been GitHub for
>> quite a while now, but I can see in the logs that some people still pull from 
>> the old
>> <>- so please 
>> adjust your .git/config files if that includes you.
>> And Trac has been deprecated for over a year now. If you have data in there that
>> you want to migrate to GitHub issues or to another wiki, please talk to me so 
>> I know
>> that you are working on this and don't shut things down before you are ready.
>> Of course, we also need to do a scan through our documentation both in the
>> sources and on the website to ensure that we no longer mention these services.
> I was about to download the stuff I wanted to preserve but I get:
>   Proxy Error
> The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
> The proxy server could not handle the request GET / 
> <>.
> Reason: Error reading from remote server
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at 
> <> Port 80
> Any idea? Please don’t waste any time on this but I had hoped to copy what I had 
> written in the wiki about headless subsurface on a RaspberryPI like device. IIRC 
> those were two wiki pages. So if you had access to those and could mail them to 
> me that would be great. The other thing I wanted to check was if there were any 
> interesting open issues that we need to move to GitHub.

You just need to try a few times. Once every few attempts it suddenly works. And 
then you can get at the "source" of the page by clicking the download as plain 
text link at the bottom. That's how I did backup the contents of the 
libdivecomputer wiki. Those plaintext files (markdown format I believe) can then 
hopefully be imported somehow in github wiki. At least that's my plan for 
migrating the libdivecomputer wiki.

If someone knows or finds a better way, let me know!


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