OSTC 2 issues on iOS

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Mon Jul 2 08:15:12 PDT 2018

Hi Patrick,

From your log it looks like we need to slightly adjust our pattern matching - I thought we already recognized "OSTC+" as an OSTC dive computer, but apparently we don't.

Found new device: "Torantrieb" "LE:{1cc8fa89-54ed-49f8-b4e7-63b9ec1b2bc8}"
Not recognized as dive computer
Found new device: "OSTC+ 16602" "LE:{271d26ef-9793-7f63-79be-a6aef34c1f33}"
Not recognized as dive computer

Nevertheless, this should already work.
Pick OSTC 2 in the product drop down and select LE:{271d26ef-9793-7f63-79be-a6aef34c1f33} as connection. Then tap on Download (with the OSTC in Bluetooth mode, of course).

If that fails, please again collect the logs and send them to our mailing list (I have added you to the auto-approval, so you won't get stuck in moderation again).



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