[RFC] UI: Rename "photos"/"images" to a term covering videos as well

Stefan Fuchs sfuchs at gmx.de
Sun Jul 15 06:09:44 PDT 2018

Hi All,

Am 09.07.2018 um 22:50 schrieb Dirk Hohndel:
>> On Jul 9, 2018, at 1:33 PM, Stefan Fuchs <sfuchs at gmx.de
>> <mailto:sfuchs at gmx.de>> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> thanks to Berthold we have the video "lite" support in master now. As
>> a reference please see:
>> https://github.com/Subsurface-divelog/subsurface/pull/1463
>> Now I think we should adapt the UI in a way that we rename almost
>> every occurrence of the term "photos" and "images" to s.th
>> <http://s.th/>. which covers images and videos.
>> What do you think? How should we adapt it?
>> I tried to quickly extract a list of relevant strings from Transifex.
>> Not sure that I already catched everything. English plus German
>> translations:
>> Photos
>> Bilder
>> Find moved images
>> Verschobene Bilder finden
>> [...]
> That's quite a few strings. And I'm not sure if there is a generic
> term that captures what we are looking for.
> In a way, util / unless we actually play videos, it's still just
> "pictures" and "thumbnails", right?
> Writing "pictures/videos" is very awkward... I don't really have a
> bright idea here

There is a proposal now using "media" and "media files":

Best regards


Stefan Fuchs
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