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> On Jul 15, 2018, at 5:31 PM, Dirk Hohndel <dirk at> wrote:
> This may not go anywhere - but it might, so please bear with me...
> I have spent a few hours (mostly because I suck at Perl) and wrote a
> couple of scripts to try to connect our current git based translation
> system for the website with Transifex.
> There's a new resource on Transifex that is called "about" and that
> contains the strings of our landing page. For the website we currently have
> translations to de_DE fr_FR es_ES it_IT nl_NL pl_PL ru_RU pt_PT fi_FI so
> these are the ones that have been populated. The closer the translations
> were to the English version, the better these imports will be. While
> eventually we can consider other translations, right now I'm not asking for
> people to add more translations!
> If you would like to help me figure out if this is feasible and you speak
> (doesn't matter at this point how fluently) one of these languages, you
> could help me by logging into Transifex and cleaning up the translations of
> that "about" resource. The biggest issue likely will be "translations" that
> are on the wrong source string. Because of the way I extract these
> preliminary translations from the existing translations, if the "grouping"
> of the HTML in the translation doesn't match the grouping in English,
> things will go poorly. I had to break up a couple of longer paragraphs in
> German to match the paragraph breaks in English, for example.
> Then tomorrow I'll try to pull these translations again and see if I can
> feed them into git and push them from there into WordPress in order for
> them to show up on our website.
> For example, I don't speak Finnish... but it's quite obvious that some of
> the strings were missing and that therefore the translations are not
> matching the source strings. For example "Hieman historian:" apparently
> is Finnish for string #17, "A bit of background", but it shows up as the
> translation of string #9...
FI is translated. The biggest challenge was to add the formatting commands
within the string without copying the original English text first. But it
ended up being simple enough, just typing the <strong></strong> tags and
once the string is accepted the tag is marked with the running number and
grey background...

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