Seeman XP5

Jef Driesen jef at
Sun Jul 22 12:49:37 PDT 2018

On 22-07-18 00:15, strat77 at wrote:
> I have tried to import the dive data from computer logs. I could only get 2 last 
> dives whlie there is 6 in the computer log book history.

I checked your data, and there are only two dives present. You have configured a 
(very short) 2 second sample rate, and thus the available memory (only 32K, yes 
that's kilobyte) fills very quickly! For example your two dives are 10.8K and 
12.6K in size, so you won't be able to store more than 2-3 dives. Configure a 
longer sample rate and your dive computer will be able to store much more dives 
(e.g. roughly 15 times more with a sample rate of 30 seconds). The only 
alternative is to download much more frequently.

Also relevant from the subsurface faq:

"I cannot download all my dives, only the most recent ones even though my dive 
computer's manual states that it records history of e.g. 999 dives.

Dive history is different than the dive profiles on the log. The history only 
keeps track of the total number of dives and total amount of time spent below 
surface. The logs, on the other hand, store the dive profile, but they have 
limited amount of memory to do so. The exact amount of dive profiles that can be 
stored on the device depend on sample interval and duration of the dives. Once 
the memory is full the oldest dives get overwritten with new dives. Thus we are 
only able to download the last 13, 30 or 199 dives.

If you have downloaded your dives to different dive logging software before they 
were overwritten, there is a high chance that Subsurface can import these. 
However, if the logs are only on your dive computer, they cannot be salvaged 
after being over written by new dives."

@Dirk: It would be very handy if the entries in the faq had some fixed id, so we 
can point users directly to a specific item.


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