Cloud storage does not load at startup since b9b1f03

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Jul 25 12:42:46 PDT 2018

> On Jul 25, 2018, at 12:12 PM, Stefan Fuchs <sfuchs at> wrote:
> I also have to report some unintended behavior coming from the "qPrefCloudStorage" change.
> My setup is the following:
> I by default start Subsurface with a local .xml file ("Stefan.xml") and rather seldom use the cloud storage.
> After the change Subsurface starts with a title bar showing "[Cloud storage for] Stefan.xml" which is obviously not correct because I want to have the local file. Also the menu entry "File->Cloud storage online" is active which is also incorrect. I have the feeling that also the overall behavior regarding which data is used is rather strange but that's just a guess.

My quick test here with a couple of scenarios seems to indicate that we misinterpret the setting for what to do at startup. Haven't had spent enough time staring at the code to understand why.

This is always the risk with rewrites like this (and why Tomaz was not excited to see another rewrite of the preferences subsystem, given that he had done this before and felt the existing system was good enough...) but now that we started, we should track down the little bugs but otherwise finish things.

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