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Hello Willem, hallo Robert,

Am 01.06.2018 um 10:34 schrieb Willem Ferguson:
> Attached are the xml diveĀ  header and dive computer description of a
> pSCR dive, as well as the UI rendering of the dive profile. Obviously
> there there are significant differences between the xml and the
> graphic derived from that dive log. The two most obvious discrepancies
> are:
> 1) In the UI, the dive computer is indicated as OC (see lefthand of
> screenshot). However, in the xml dive log it is indicated as PSCR.
> 2) The xml event at 10 min 14 sec into the dive is a divemode
> transition from OC to PSCR. However, on the dive profile it is
> indicated as transition from PSCR to OC.
> Now, the very real possibility exists that this results from
> Ferguson's own doings and code changes by him. However after all the
> bailout changes were performed the rendering of divemode changes
> worked perfectly. The latest changes pertain to the dive planner and
> code in planner.c, not affecting the dive log.
> The obvious suspect are the changes to the names of divemodes,
> separating the displayed names from the internal divemode names.
> Robert, Stefan, would it be possible to have a quick check to see if
> there is an obvious bug?
Sorry for not joining the discussion for such a long time.

I guess the issue described above was meanwhile fixed by Robert, wasn't it?

Best regards


Stefan Fuchs
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