Graphical profile problem in Mobile 2.0.3

Thomas Fänge thomas.fange at
Sun Jun 17 01:53:00 PDT 2018

HI Jan!

Well, even waiting more than a minute, it doesn't update again.
Turning screen off and on again with a dive open doesn't help either. I can
only see the graphical profile when opening the dive from the list (and for
a second dive if I scroll left), but that's it, I never see any more
profiles - have to back up to the list and select a new dive to see it
The behaviour is (at least for me on three different devices) repeatable to
100%, so my 2 cents is that this some kind of error rather than a latency

If I can help out with some logs or anything else, please let me know.


Den sön 17 juni 2018 10:41Jan Iversen <jancasacondor at> skrev:

> Hi
> Strange, to see it, I tested on my iPad and iPhone, here it works like a
> charm.
> Could this be some kind of latency problem (that is you swipe too fast). I
> can in theory see a problem if profile widget does not complete drawing
> before the next swipe even arrives. I will try testing on my android vm.
> rgds
> Jan I.
> El 17 jun 2018, a las 9:46, Thomas Fänge <thomas.fange at>
> escribió:
> Should add that I tested on both Android 6, 8 and 9.
> It works on 2.0.3 ( but fails on
> Tested on both mobile and tablet with same result.
> /Thomas
> Den sön 17 juni 2018 09:38Thomas Fänge <thomas.fange at> skrev:
> HI!
>> Updated to latest beta yesterday, and saw a problem while swiping through
>> the dives.
>> If you open a dive and then swipe left or right, only the first (and
>> second if you swipe right) dive is shown with a graphical profile. All
>> other dives after that is shown with an empty box (see attached picture) -
>> even the first dive if you swipe back to it.
>> Cheers,
>> Thomas
>> <Screenshot_20180617-093214.png>
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