new releases

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Sat Jun 23 18:02:54 PDT 2018

OK, second call :-)

Thanks to many of you we have resolved a bunch of bugs and I think we are pretty close to ready.

I am thinking of randomly bumping the release numbers up to 4.8 for Subsurface and 2.1 for Subsurface-mobile.

The latest strings were pushed; there was really only one "new" string and I'm the one who created it in order for a message in the error case to make more sense to the user.

I'll ask the same question as last week: any more issues we really need to fix before the release? Or are we about good to go?

I don't have a firm timeline in mind - I have some time to work on Subsurface today (part of the day is spent on a plane, the rest mostly sitting around doing not much - which is just like being on a plane), tomorrow may be rather busy, Tuesday is 39 hours long, leaving Beijing in the morning and arriving before we depart (based on local time) in Portland - so maybe I'll do the release in the second half of the week when jetlag keeps me from sleeping? :-)


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