Build Ubuntu 18.04, Feature request

Martin Měřinský mermar at
Tue May 1 21:58:16 PDT 2018

I have clear 18.04 install.
I installed packages listed in INSTALL. Some were missing.
For working packages list, I made a pull request.
git clean -fdx
git submodule init
git pull master
cd ..

/data/ss/googlemaps/qgeotiledmapgooglemaps.h:4:10: fatal error:
QtLocation/private/qgeotiledmap_p.h: No such file or directory
 #include "QtLocation/private/qgeotiledmap_p.h"
compilation terminated.

Directory $INSTALL_ROOT/include/QtLocation/private existed.
So I had to remove it.
rmdir install-root/include/QtLocation/private/

After that, build was successfull.

Download from Suunto HelO2 works, but red bar with message 
"SERIAL USB USBHID IRDA" is shown. See attachment.

I have one feature request. It would be nice, if "Import from dive
computer" dialog had last divecomputer used for import pre-selected.

Martin M.
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