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> Hi.
> I have a profile (jani.xml) that are “Cloud storage default file”, it
> seems to contain all my dives etc (made a test with a local copy).
> Am I missing something, or is it not possible to make a backup of the
> “Cloud storage default file” ?

Sounds like a bit of mis-understanding (either you or me :D). jani.xml
sounds like it is our old log storage format, in XML. This is only a local
file that can be copied anyway you like.

Cloud storage is a git repository that is stored on your local disk and in
our cloud server (if you have synced it to cloud). The cloud storage can be
managed the same way git repositories are. I.e. I have added another remote
to my local NAS to have it there as well. But as long as you do not delete
or corrupt the git information, you can checkout different versions and
manipulate it quite freely.

If you have chosen "local default file" in preferences, then the XML log is
saved (or it can also be git repository with special syntax for the local
file). If you have selected "Cloud storage default file", Subsurface should
use local git repository that is also pushed to our cloud server. It might
be that you are actually using the git storage but are looking at older XML
file. (I am not sure where the local git storage is on Mac, but it is
/home/<username>/.subsurface/cloudstorage/<hash>/ in Linux.)

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