Mobile (iOS) beta - dive selection

Scott Ireland sireland at
Sat May 5 11:29:44 PDT 2018

Having issues with the dive selection in the mobile beta on iOS 11.3.1, both on iPad and iPhone.  Selecting a dive from the dive list does not accurately display the details for that dive.  What I'm getting (starting from a fresh app start) is something like this:

- Select any dive from the dive list (e.g. 391 below).   Dive details from the most recent dive (e.g. 396, not the selected one) are displayed
- Select any other dive from the list.  The most recent dive is still displayed
- Swipe the dive details left to move to the previous dive.  The second most recent dive is displayed (e.g. 395).
- Select another dive from the dive list.  On iPad, the dive details scroll partially (see screenshot) but still show the same dive as before.  On iPhone, the dive details appear to move to the previous dive (e.g. 394), which still does not match the selected dive.

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On an unrelated note, I find the location entry field on the dive edit screen fairly sluggish (excessive keystroke lag), at least on an iPad Air 2.


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