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Mon May 7 14:53:09 PDT 2018

On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 8:29 PM, Scott Ireland <sireland at> wrote:

> Having issues with the dive selection in the mobile beta on iOS 11.3.1,
> both on iPad and iPhone.  Selecting a dive from the dive list does not
> accurately display the details for that dive.  What I'm getting (starting
> from a fresh app start) is something like this:
> - Select any dive from the dive list (e.g. 391 below).   Dive details from
> the most recent dive (e.g. 396, not the selected one) are displayed
> - Select any other dive from the list.  The most recent dive is still
> displayed
> - Swipe the dive details left to move to the previous dive.  The second
> most recent dive is displayed (e.g. 395).
> - Select another dive from the dive list.  On iPad, the dive details
> scroll partially (see screenshot) but still show the same dive as before.
> On iPhone, the dive details appear to move to the previous dive (e.g. 394),
> which still does not match the selected dive.

Thanks for the report.

I could reproduce the problems with the dive selection and just sent a pull
request with a quick fix (#1245).

Looks like we are not diving enough :(

> On an unrelated note, I find the location entry field on the dive edit
> screen fairly sluggish (excessive keystroke lag), at least on an iPad Air 2.

That I could not reproduce on my iPhone 7 Plus.

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> Scott

Murillo Bernardes
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