My new Suunto core and strange curve.

jani at jani at
Fri May 11 00:50:27 PDT 2018


If you look at the attached png, you can see the curve of my downloaded dive. It contains a number of small white circles. 

I expected when I let the mouse hover over one or do a click that I get more information about what it is, but no reaction whatsoever.

I did not make any marks while diving, so I am confused, how can I see the reason for each mark ?

This was done on my Mac, with the latest master.

Thanks in advance for helping with something obvious to others :-)
Jan I.

Ps. I have also tried to get a curve with my CAS (I have a transmitter attached, so the eon core have reported my usage over time). When I click on “activate cas” no new curve appears.

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