My new Suunto core and strange curve.

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Fri May 11 02:29:34 PDT 2018

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 10:50 AM, <jani at> wrote:

> Hi
> If you look at the attached png, you can see the curve of my downloaded
> dive. It contains a number of small white circles.

The image was missing and when pointing that out, I accidentally responded
to only Jan...

> I expected when I let the mouse hover over one or do a click that I get
> more information about what it is, but no reaction whatsoever.

You get the details to the information info window when hovering over the
dot instead of next to the mouse cursor. At least this works on 4.7.2 that
I happen to have installed on this computer.

> I did not make any marks while diving, so I am confused, how can I see the
> reason for each mark ?

The  markings you have there are from the dive computer. Mainly related to
deep stop and also safety stop. This can also be seen on the XML log (and
  <event time='7:49 min' type='26' flags='9' name='Deep Stop Ahead' />
  <event time='25:07 min' type='26' flags='9' name='Deep Stop' />

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