My new Suunto core and strange curve.

Anton Lundin glance at
Fri May 11 02:38:36 PDT 2018

Sorry for top posting, on my cell.

No image attached.

I'm guessing that the white circles you're seeing are info events, and you can read about them in the info box when you hoover the event.


On May 11, 2018 9:50:27 AM GMT+02:00, jani at wrote:
>If you look at the attached png, you can see the curve of my downloaded
>dive. It contains a number of small white circles. 
>I expected when I let the mouse hover over one or do a click that I get
>more information about what it is, but no reaction whatsoever.
>I did not make any marks while diving, so I am confused, how can I see
>the reason for each mark ?
>This was done on my Mac, with the latest master.
>Thanks in advance for helping with something obvious to others :-)
>Jan I.
>Ps. I have also tried to get a curve with my CAS (I have a transmitter
>attached, so the eon core have reported my usage over time). When I
>click on “activate cas” no new curve appears.
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