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Sun May 13 11:31:55 PDT 2018

On Sun, May 13, 2018 at 10:11 AM Willem Ferguson <
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> I am currently without any way of downloading my Petrel 2 to Subsurface.

> On the latest  desktop master, I select Choose Bluetooth. I then force
> download using Classic Bluetooth. No success. I activate the download
> dumpfile and logfile. The logfile is empty, just with the header below.
> There is no dumpfile.

> Subsurface: v4.6.4-2174-g6f3c7386a62a, built with libdivecomputer
> v0.7.0-devel-Subsurface-NG (e97a47cca55973199715df0f818b4955e60d3a31)

According to the log, you're simply not connecting. And you have that

    Connection on channel 1 failed. Trying on channel number 5.

hack, and I really wonder if it's just garbage, and the problem is that
it's not on either of those ports, and we're just making it unnecessarily
complicated - and getting it wrong - by specifying the channel number.

Can you try the attached patch? I don't have any rfcomm devices to test

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