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Jan Iversen jani at
Mon May 14 14:49:28 PDT 2018

I just tested the same on my iPad (iOS).

1) started testFlight and got data from the cloud.
2) terminated app (removed from memory), stopped wifi
3) started app, shows local data loaded
4) choose “no cloud mode”
5) no crash and data stayed.

So it is not a general issue, but restricted to Android.

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> El 14 may 2018, a las 22:49, Miodrag Adamovic <admiodrag at> escribió:
> One thing I have noticed is that if you open Subsurface without internet connection it will pop to credentials screen(showing "local dive data loaded" tab in the bottom). If I click on "no cloud mode" app crashes. When opened again, dive list is empty. When opened with internet connection, dive list is empty and you have to go to settings and enter credentials again. This is on Note 8 with Android 8.0.0
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