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Thomas Fänge thomas.fange at
Wed May 16 23:41:43 PDT 2018


First - thanks for a great project!

I noticed a small typo in the Swedish translation file

        <source>[cloud storage for] %1</source>
        <translation>[*molnlatgring* för] %1</translation>

Should be (on t too many):

        <source>[cloud storage for] %1</source>
        <translation>[*molnlagring* för] %1</translation>

I also noticed that "Bluetooth" has been translated to "Blåtand", but to my
knowledge the technology "Bluetooth" should not be translated in
documentation ("Blåtand" is the name of one of our old kings) - even if
some people do so IRL - just as "Microsoft" should not be translated into

If wanted, I could try to make a pull request with an updated file, and
maybe adding some missing translations as well.

Best regards,
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