SubSurface Mobile and OTG

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Wed May 23 21:33:25 PDT 2018

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> Hi,
> Le 23/05/2018 à 07:29, Miika Turkia a écrit :
> This does work for some divecomputers, depending on the ftdi chip that is
> used on the cable. We also have some trouble with Android OS as some newer
> Android versions prevent us from accessing the USB devices. What versions
> of DC, cable (the serial chip), phone and Android you are using? (I have
> used OTG on Nexus 7 tablet and Suunto Vyper Air DC successfully, don't
> remember the Android version on the tablet.)
> Does it still work? Because Vyper Air on a Nexus 7 fails for me. :(

Couldn't find the original cable for Vyper air, but tested with D4. Failed

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