Segfault with Qt-5.11.0

Berthold Stoeger bstoeger at
Thu May 24 14:04:28 PDT 2018

On Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018 22:46:30 CEST Gaetan Bisson wrote:
> [2018-05-23 07:20:43 -1000] Gaetan Bisson:
> > Oh, it's also there:
> >
> It turns out removing oldModel->deleteLater(); from DiveListView::reload()
> avoids the segfault. See the discussion in the above bug report. However I
> have no idea what the proper fix should be.

For one, we could delete it directly, c.f. attached patch. Probably it will 
still crash (no recent Qt to test, sorry), but at least we might get a useful 
back trace. deleteLater() is evil.

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