Ratio Computers loves your work!

Riccardo Brama riccardo.b at ratio-computers.com
Fri May 25 07:59:11 PDT 2018

Dear Subsurface developers,

    I'd like, first of all, to express my personal and my company
appreciation for the great job you've done up to now to support our dive
    Since January I've been hired at Ratio Computers as their new CoE
and I like so much your work I'd love to see our dive computers
completely supported.

    We would love to tell our customers the application we sponsor for
PC interface is Subsurface instead of our current, and outdated,
Divelogger 4 application (running only for Windows and Mac).
Nevertheless up to now Divelogger is the only application allowing to
update our dive computers firmware, a thing we would love to see in
Subsurface too. Unfortunately, due basically to lack of free time, I
cannot add that feature to your code by myself: I need someone who would
like to do that. So don't hesitate to let me know if there around
someone is willing to implement additional features to support all the
Ratio Computers features. I'll share with him/her all the information
he/she needs.

    Again thank you for your hard work,

P.S. I've not seen any way to sponsor the Subsurface Project with
donations... haven't you thought about it?

Riccardo Brama, Ph.D.
Chief of Engineering
Ratio-Computers, a Dive Industries s.r.l. brand
Via Vetturini 22/24
58024 Massa Marittima (GR)

Web: www.ratio-computers.com
E-mail:	riccardo.b at ratio-computers.com

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