Problems - user manual

Berthold Stoeger bstoeger at
Thu May 31 01:23:58 PDT 2018

Hi Willem,

On Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018 09:41:23 CEST Willem Ferguson wrote:
> In the latest master of the desktop version, the manual does not open
> when one selects Help->User manual.
> Code was compiled with -build-with-webkit
> Any idea about the cause of this?

Thanks for noting this. 
The culprit is my commit d21d42b69117aae04b68ecc9cc2139e034bde146, in which I 
make the UserManual a child-object of MainWindow.

You can fix this for now by removing this in line 1358 of mainwindow.cpp:
  helpView = new UserManual();

Before posting a patch, I'd like to figure out the root-cause of the problem. 
Because this is utterly strange...


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