FTDI on Windows

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Sun Oct 7 15:28:02 PDT 2018

Now that we finally have a working MXE build that includes the FTDI
user space code, I’m sad to report that this doesn’t quite work, yet.

Here are the relevant messages in the error log:

INFO: in ftdi_open
INFO: serial_ftdi_open called
INFO: setting up ftdi_ctx
INFO: initialize ftdi_ctx
INFO: call serial_ftdi_open_device
INFO: serial_ftdi_open_device called
INFO: FTDI tried VID 0403 pid 6001 ret -4

ERROR: usb_open() failed
INFO: serial_ftdi_open() failed

And according to the libftdi1 sources, -4 is the very insightful
“unable to open device” error… and poking at the source this simply
means that libusb_open on the device as found by VID/PID returned
a negative number.

So the question is… why? And how do I figure that out with my utter
lack of Windows knowledge…

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