Subsurface mobile unable to download from ScubaPro G2

Adric Norris landstander668 at
Mon Oct 8 09:28:03 PDT 2018

I had an issue over the weekend, where I was unable to download a recently
completed dive via BLE using Subsurface mobile 2.1.4 ( for Android.
No errors were reported, and the G2 did indicate that a device was
connected during the download attempt, but Subsurface kept reporting that
no new dives were found. Restarting the phone didn't make any difference.

Unlike the desktop version, I didn't see any option to force download of
all dives or create a libdivecomputer logfile (although the documentation
indicates the latter should be present in Settings). So I'm not sure if the
app wasn't seeing the new dive, or for some reason wasn't considering it to
be a valid item and consequently skipping it. The only difference I can
think of from previous dives, which were downloaded successfully, is that
this one was had the G2 set to Sidemount mode.

This morning I tried again, via USB from a Windows 10 VM this time, and the
dive was recognized and processed without issue. So if it is related to
Sidemount mode (and that's *pure* speculation), the issue appears to be
specific to the mobile app.

The phone in question is a Google Pixel XL running Android 9, which has
been used a number of times to successfully download dives from my G2. The
G2 is running the current 1.4 firmware.

Any suggestions on how I should go about diagnosing this issue? I'll be
happy to provide libdivecomputer dump/log files, if someone can let me know
how to generate them from the Android mobile app.


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