who can test what...

Dirk Hohndel dirk at hohndel.org
Mon Oct 8 12:47:27 PDT 2018

I realize that most of us use Linux as their primary OS, but I also realize that
I'm losing track of who has access to / interest in what...

Linux: everyone (or nearly)
Windows: Lubomir, Dirk, Stefan(?), JanM
Mac: Robert, Dirk, Murillo, Jocke(?)
Android: Anton, Dirk, Jocke(?)
iOS: Dirk, Murillo(?), Robert(?)

It would be nice to have a current list so we can get things tested in a more
targeted manner. Would people be ok if I added a little file to the repo that 
tracks this?

If you have access to a non-Linux platform and can test, that would be nice
to know, if you can compile on one of those platforms, that would be even
more interesting...

I'm really not sure what's the best way to do this, but I notice that I'm asking
myself this question quite regularly and to always just reach out to the one
person I can think of seems wrong and inefficient...



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