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Windows / iOS with the latest almost only as a logbook only. No Linux use
at all.

Il giorno lun 8 ott 2018 alle 21:47 Dirk Hohndel <dirk at hohndel.org> ha

> I realize that most of us use Linux as their primary OS, but I also
> realize that
> I'm losing track of who has access to / interest in what...
> Linux: everyone (or nearly)
> Windows: Lubomir, Dirk, Stefan(?), JanM
> Mac: Robert, Dirk, Murillo, Jocke(?)
> Android: Anton, Dirk, Jocke(?)
> iOS: Dirk, Murillo(?), Robert(?)
> It would be nice to have a current list so we can get things tested in a
> more
> targeted manner. Would people be ok if I added a little file to the repo
> that
> tracks this?
> If you have access to a non-Linux platform and can test, that would be nice
> to know, if you can compile on one of those platforms, that would be even
> more interesting...
> I'm really not sure what's the best way to do this, but I notice that I'm
> asking
> myself this question quite regularly and to always just reach out to the
> one
> person I can think of seems wrong and inefficient...
> Thanks
> /D
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