experience with my shearwater teric

Thomas 'Mike' Michlmayr mike at cluon.priv.at
Wed Oct 10 14:25:26 PDT 2018


so far i've had no success to get subsurface on macOS to download
dives from my teric.

i've had success with subsurface-mobile on iOS though.

version 2.1.3 scanned and found the teric, connected and downloaded with
no issues.

i've since gone diving again, and upgraded to v2.1.4. and have a few

(1) when i touch the "DC" logo to import dives, i get a menu where i can
select a DC and/or scan/download. the Connection drop-down shows around
10 LE devices even before i scan. i can select a few DCs, but need to
rescan to get the teric to show up in the Connections drop-down. it's
not clear to me why i need to tell subsurface that i'm downloading from
a teric when it finds and recognizes the LE device as teric.

(2) If i've found the teric earlier, there's a "previously used" entry
with my teric, but touching it does nothing. this is unexpected.

(3) the download dives interface is not very clear and leads to user-
induced mistakes. 

sw: touch "DC image"
sw: touch "rescan"
sw: Connection: select teric
sw: vendor name/dive computer: select shearwater / teric
teric: "Wait connect"
sw: i touch download
teric: "Wait Cmd"
teric: "Sending"
sw: "Info: model, ...firmware, ...
............ 2m
teric: "Sent Dive"
sw: show list of dives

there's no feedback that the scan found something. when i touch
download, it seems to talk to the teric, but there's no update on both
the teric or subsurface for over 2 minutes. i actually thought it had
gotten lost and aborted several times before i let it run its course
to find out that i actually _did_ succeed eventually.

with the shearwater sw, i get the following behaviour on the teric:

sw: i touch "BT Scan"
sw: Scanning
teric: "Wait Connect"
sw: Immediately shows the teric
sw: i touch the teric entry
teric: "Wait Cmnd\n3:00"
sw: show menu to download/disconnect
sw: i touch "download dives"
teric: "Sending list"
teric: "Sent list"
sw: shows list of dives.
sw: i touch download dives
sw: loading 1/4, transfer in progress
teric: "Sending"
teric: "Sent Dive\n3:00"
sw: loading 2/4, transfer in progress
teric: "Sending"
teric: "Sent Dive\n3:00"
sw: loading 3/4, transfer in progress
teric: "Sending"
teric: "Sent Dive\n9:59"
sw: loading 4/4, transfer in progress
teric: "Sending"
teric: "Sent Dive\n9:59"
sw: shows menu

the shearwater sw is more intuitive to use, TBH, feels faster, and
gives much better feedback on what's happening. And it does seem
to use different commands.

(4) when the new dives are imported, and i touch download again, it
immediately returned with "no new dives found", so that works well.

teric: "Wait Cmd"
teric: "Sending"
teric: "Sent List"

(5) from the dive download screen: when i touch "Rescan" and then
select the teric in the "Connection" menu, but don't select vendor/model
and touch "Download", subsurface-mobile crashes.

(6) not teric specific: subsurface-mobile crashes on merge conflicts.
i downloaded the same dives on my iPhone and my iPad. i used "sync
manually with cloud" on the iPhone. after that i did the same on the
iPad. the iPad mentioned something like "merging local dives with cloud"
and immediately afterwards crashed. on restart, the list is identical to
the cloud and a manual resync works successfully.

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