Show calculated ceiling: Doesn't seem to change irrelevant what settings I use

Jan Mulder jlmulder at
Tue Oct 16 07:42:48 PDT 2018

On 10/16/18 4:19 PM, JB2Cool wrote:
> On my dive log I like to show the dive computer reported ceiling AND the 
> calculated ceiling. I've just updated to 4.8.3 (Windows) and see that my 
> calculated ceiling is being drawn at 30/75 (I think i had it set 
> at 30/85 before) but when I change my GFs for the calculated ceiling the 
> chart doesn't seem to change at all. If I switch the calculated ceiling 
> to VPM+3 then it does move but if I change the VPM conservatism factor 
> the calculated ceiling again doesn't seem to change so there seems to be 
> just one GF and one VPM conservatism factor used for the show calculated 
> ceiling.
> Can anyone else reproduce the same issue?

Yes, can reproduce, is its definitely a bug. Can you open an issue on 


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