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Since I hand implemented the filter, I think that yes, that's the string we filter for.
Can you show an example?


On October 24, 2018 3:00:29 PM GMT+01:00, Willem Ferguson <willemferguson at> wrote:
>The feature works well for most searches filtering on tags, dive site 
>and buddy/divemaster. The only glitch that I find is that, in some 
>searches, non-target dives are included in the filtered divelist. Are
>100% sure that the filter text at the top of the screen is really what 
>is used for filtering? This is a problem that I have seen once or twice
>in the past in Android, that is, the displayed string not necessarily 
>matching the internal representation. I do not see anything in the 
>Android log file that provides a clue as to the problem.
>Kind regards,
>On 2018/10/24 09:42, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>> For those of you on Android, there's now a test binary available:
>> There are still a few open issues with this, which is why I'm not
>pushing it to Google Play and TestFlight, yet. But I'd love to get more
>feedback from this group in the meantime.
>> Usage should be self explanatory.
>> tap on the new filter icon on the left side of the action button on
>the dive list
>> enter your search term, hit return on the virtual keyboard
>> you should see the filtered list with a number of matching dives
>shown in the filter entry line
>> the number of dives per trip is still showing the unfiltered number -
>that's one of the things I need to fix
>> tapping the filter icon again resets things
>> /D
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