planning for 4.8.2

Dirk Hohndel dirk at
Wed Sep 5 13:32:20 PDT 2018

I think we have a few potential issues that need to be resolved - the current disagreements over how to best handle settings, preferences, etc might cause us issues that I don't want to expose our user base to.
That said, we have a nice set of new features, of course including very decent support for the Garmin Descent Mk1:

- Mac: include the FTDI driver and no longer require Mac FTDI drivers to be installed
- Desktop: allow buddies to be shown in the divelist [#1587]
- Windows: write log files to the user path instead of the path where Subsurface
  is installed.
- Desktop: fix issue with dive list row height in case of larger fonts [#1600]
- Desktop: fix a bug where it is possible for the user to hide all divelist columns [#1600]
- Desktop/Export: fix bug related to quoted text when exporting to HTML [#1576]
- Desktop/Map-Widget: add support for filtering of map locations [#1581]
- Mac: fix problem downloading from
- Dive media: paint duration of videos on thumbnails in the dive-photo tab
- Dive media: extract video thumbnails using ffmpeg
- Dive media: implement "open folder of selected media files" [#1514]
- Dive media: show play-time of videos on the profile plot
- Dive media: draw thumbnails on top of deco-ceilings
- Dive media: Change term "photos" and "images" everywhere in the UI to "media files"
- Dive media: experimental support for metadata extraction from AVI and WMV files
- Dive media: sort thumbnails by timestamp
- Dive media: don't recalculate all pictures on drag & drop
- Profile: immediately update thumbnail positions on deletion

I will push the latest strings to Transifex in a moment. But I expect that (as always) there might be a few more coming.
In the meantime I'd like to create a punch list of what we need to address before a release

- Settings/Preferences: make sure that we are in a sane state (purely from an end user perspective - let's not restart the arguments about the implementation here)
- Translations
- Documentation: any changes needed?
- reports of crashes - I tried to ping the people reporting those to get an update... if you can make Subsurface crash, please comment here

What else should be on this list?

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