Android Subsurface mobile issues with pelagic data cable downloads

Bill Perry bperrybap at
Tue Sep 11 20:39:43 PDT 2018

As another point of reference and information for those that may relate to people reporting that DiveMate is "working" but Subsurface is not.

DiveMate does things a little differently but also has issues which does not allow it to be used with the Atmos AI.

DiveMate uses a 500ms time delay between the RTS signal change and the first byte of the initialization message vs the 100ms that that the original Aeris/Oceanic s/w used
and the 100ms that libdivecomputer is trying to use.

DiveMate does 10 retries vs SubSurface does 3 retries.
But retries for this initial PIC initialization command are special and will not work without handling the RTS line differently.
So both DiveMate and Subsurface will fail to recover from anĀ  initialization command not working.

While DiveMate can download the dives from the Atmos AI,
DiveMate has another really bad issue in that they do not send the "terminate download mode" command when they are done downloading.
This causes the dive computer to watchdog reset after two minutes and power off. This is sickening feeling if you do a download duringĀ  dive tip.
It does appear that powering the dive computer back on preserves the existing deco stuff prior to the powerdown, but I still won't use it during a trip because of this.

At this point, it appears that once the delays are fixed in Subsurface Mobile, that downloading from the AtmosAI should work.

-- bill

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