Changes to user manual

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Sat Sep 15 13:15:20 PDT 2018

I submitted a PR with a small C++ code change (dive list context menu) 
that you already know about as well as the changes to the user manual to 
reflect Berthold's work with videos. It took much more work than I had 

There are about nine other images in the user manual that still show the 
old Photos tab, and not he current Media tab. But most of them are not 
simple cases of screenshots, but are images that require some graphic 
manipulation. I will not get to that by the time Dirk wishes to publish 
the new release. But ALL screenshots pertaining remotely to media are up 
to date and, as far as I know, correct. I will work on the other images 
within the next week. I did a spelling check of the text and it should 
be ok.

Berthold, are you able at all to look at my PR and see if this looks 
satisfactory to you at all? Feel absolutely free to modify. I put the 
technical details of the video thumbnails in an appendix that is 
hyperlinked to the main text dealing with media.

I have a mail from Dirk saying that he will deal with the issue of 
appdata.xml that is inadvertently changed by the build script.

Kind regards,


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