Android FTDI support not working with fresh app build

Bill Perry bperrybap at
Sun Sep 16 08:48:22 PDT 2018

On 09/16/2018 06:52 AM, Anton Lundin wrote:
> On 14 September, 2018 - Bill Perry wrote:
> Nothing else was changed on the machine other then I started with a clean clone and checked out v4.8.1 vs using the head of Master.
> This apk worked as expected including having the proper command/message delays
> whereas the current app from the app store (4.8.1) does not have the proper delays.
> I'm at a loss to explain the delay issue, but I can see it on a logic analyzer.
> Might be anything. My suspect would be powersave on your android device.

Turns out I'm blind and couldn't read my own notes.
The playstore app was 4.8.0 not 4.8.1
The delay issue has been resolved between the 4.8.0 release and the 4.8.1 release.
Total f'up on my part. I deserved to be lashed for this.
So sorry for wasting peoples time on this.

>> Also, there is no way to download using the FTDI cable if Bluetooth is not enabled.
>> If bluetooth is not enabled, it won't let you download at all.
> Ok. Just another bug. Document how to reproduce it, and file it.
Will do.
> Wrong. Read the code. The ftdi_open call is before dc_serial_open. If
> ftdi_open fails, then dc_serial_open is called.
> //Anton
> ps. I think the conditional return in:
> #ifdef SERIAL_FTDI
> 	if (!strcmp(data->devname, "ftdi")) {
> 		rc = ftdi_open(&data->iostream, context);
> 		if (rc == DC_STATUS_SUCCESS)
> 			return rc;
> 	}
> #endif
> is wrong. If the devname is "ftdi" we should always return, whatever
> ftdi_open returned.
> ds.

Ah. I overlooked that. That does seem wrong.

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