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Tue Sep 18 16:23:37 PDT 2018

Not sure if others already saw this.  There is a class action law suit in
the US about incorrect pressure and temperature readings on a whole lot of
Suunto computers.

Quoting the site:

"You may be included in the Settlement if you purchased new in the United
States one or more of the following models of Suunto Dive Computers that
were manufactured from January 1, 2006 through August 10, 2018: Cobra,
Cobra 2, Cobra 3, Cobra 3 Black, Vyper, Vyper Novo, Vyper 2, Vyper Air,
HelO2, Gekko, Vytec, Vytec DS, Zoop, Zoop Novo, Mosquito, D4, D6, D9, D4i,
D6i, D4i Novo, D6i Novo, D9tx, and DX.

The proposed Settlement provides for a free Inspection, Repair or
Replacement Program to determine whether your Dive Computer has a faulty
depth pressure sensor and, if it does, repair of your Dive Computer or a
free replacement. The Settlement also reimburses qualifying Class Members
for certain costs."

And from elsewhere on the site:

"Suunto and Aqua Lung deny that they have violated any law, deny that they
engaged in any wrongdoing, and deny that there is any defect with respect
to the depth pressure sensors in the Suunto Dive Computers. The parties
agreed to resolve these matters before these issues were decided by the

I've got 2 computers that match the list - they seem to work just fine to

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