Subsurface mobile 2.1.2 auto cloud sync

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Tue Sep 18 18:24:58 PDT 2018

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> >/On Sep 18, 2018, at 1:54 PM, Adric Norris <landstander668 at <>> wrote: />//>/One thing I just noticed about Subsurface mobile 2.1.2 ( for Android, is that it's always starting with auto cloud sync disabled. My cloud credentials are saved and verified, and I'm able to perform a manual cloud sync from the Dive Management
> screen without any issues.I don't get any errors when enabling cloud auto sync from the same screen, but it shows as disabled again (and dives are loaded from local storage) next time the app is started. /
> Yes, that’s the intentional behavior that we don’t constantly access the network.
> That intentional behavior had been broken for a while - and it’s of course always up for debate. But a while ago we came to the conclusion that this was the reasonable thing to do.
> /D
Will the app remember the cloud sync setting if the app was installed with it enabled and the app is upgraded?
Seems like it should.

Here is an odd and unexpected sync behavior that I'm seeing.

26 dives were downloaded directly from the dive computer using my GS7. (using a debug version of 4.8.1 that I built)

Another 30 dives were downloaded on another device and synced to the cloud which where then synced to my GS7.
The app on the GS7 shows all 56 dives and when bringing up the app, it says "56 dives loaded from local dive data file".

I removed the 4.8.1 APP and then installed the latest app version of 2.1.2 (
When it comes up only 26 dives show up - even though 56 dives were showing up previously.

If I go to dive management and click on Manual sync with cloud I get the other 30 dives.
If I exit the app and start it up again, it says "56 dives loaded from local dive data file" and all 56 dives are there.
If I remove the 2.1.2( app, and re-install 2.1.2(4.8.2.) again, when I bring up the app again it says "26 dives loaded from the local dive data file".

It appears that any dives that were synced from the cloud (I assume to the local data file?) are lost when the app is re-installed.
This seems really odd.
Is that really the intended behavior?

If so, why does the app say that all the dives were loaded from the local dive data file when starting up?

--- bill

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